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TASKI balimat 6500 RTU – fejemaskine

106.752,00 kr.

Fejemaskinen har standard fejebredde på 90 cm, som kan øges til 110 cm ved hjælp af en siderulle.

Da maskinen har Tandem Roller System (TRS) får du en virkelig ren overflade.

Der er en 90 liter affaldsbeholder på maskinen så du kan feje et stort areal uden tømning.

Velegnet til både inden- og udendørs brug.

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ProductivityThe sweeping path of 900mm includes one sliding side broom and in combination with the extra big 90L hopper this leads to maximum performance. The perfect solution to sweep big areas fast and easy, the optional 2nd side broom increases sweeping path up to 110cm uplifting your productivity significantly.Tandem Roller System (TRS)The patented Tandem Roller System (TRS) with counter rotating brushes transport the debris from one roller to the other and transport it upwards. Through a precisely defined guide plate above the roller intersection, dirt is hurled by the rollers and guided backwards into the dirt container. The off-set side broom to the right supports the work of the roller brushes by sweeping debris from edges and corners of the roller brushes, delivers perfect sweeping results in a single pass.FlexibilityThe balimat 6500 is designed for indoor and outdoor use and allows cleaning on various floor types. Battery operation and brush assist makes cleaning simple and allow greatest flexibility when it comes to sweeping. The hopper can easily be taken out and emptied which saves time and increases efficiency.Easy and simple to useOperator training is not needed, the machine arrives ready to use. The side broom and roller brushes are fully adjustable without requiring special tools. The self-explaining icons and adjustable seat provide comfortable and ergonomic use and the foldable handle makes storage easy.